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    Dance Singles 09 Update



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    Dance Singles 09 Update

    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:42 pm

    Dirty Funker - Cyanide (2008 dub hole mix)
    Code: dirtyfunker-cyanideoriginalmix.mp3

    Kurd Maverick - Blue Monday (Vandalism Remix)
    Code: kurdmaverick-bluemondayvandalismremix.mp3

    The Boyscouts - Living Next Door To Alice (2008 hubschek & dubschek remix)
    Code: theboyscouts-livingnextdoortoalice2008hubschekdubschekremix.mp3

    G&G - Personal Jesus (tv rock remix)
    Code: gg-personaljesustvrockremix.mp3
    Sugababes - No Can Do (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)
    Code: Sugababes_-_No_Can_Do__28Wawa_Club_Mix_29.mp3

    Sugababes - No Can Do (Wawa Club Mix)
    Code: Sugababes_-_No_Can_Do__28Bimbo_Jones_Club_Mix_29.mp3

    Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney - I Love Rock & Roll (Extended Mix)
    Code: Alex_Gaudino__26_Jason_Rooney_-_I_Love_Rock__26_Roll__28Extended_Mix_29.mp3

    Brisby & Jingles - Shes Like The Wind (Tim Verbia Remix)
    Code: Brisby__26_Jingles_-_Shes_Like_The_Wind__28Tim_Verbia_Remix_29.MP3

    Guru Josh Project - Crying In The Rain (Club Mix)
    Code: Guru_Josh_Project_-_Crying_In_The_Rain__28Club_Mix_29.mp3

    Hi Tack - I Dont Mind (Hi Tack Remix)
    Code: Hi_Tack_-_I_Dont_Mind__28Hi_Tack_Remix_29.mp3

    Kanye West Ft. Pharis & R. Kelly - Love Lockdown (Remix)
    Code: Kanye_West_Ft._Pharis__26_R._Kelly_-_Love_Lockdown__28Remix_29.mp3

    Malibu Sneakers - Get Down Again (Out Of Office Mix)
    Code: Malibu_Sneakers_-_Get_Down_Again__28Out_Of_Office_Mix_29.mp3

    Rihanna - Disturbia (Dj Ushy Remix)
    Code: Rihanna_-_Disturbia__28Dj_Ushy_Remix_29.mp3
    Dj Antoine Vs Mad Mark - Turn Me On
    Code: 203___dj_antoine_vs_mad_mark___turn_me_on.mp3

    The Real Booty Babes - I Kissed A Girl Ph Elektro Remix Edit
    Code: 112___the_real_booty_babes___i_kissed_a_girl_ph_elektro_remix_edit.mp3

    Verano - Rhythm Of The Night Ph Elektro Remix Edit
    Code: 117___verano___rhythm_of_the_night_ph_elektro_remix_edit.mp3

    Gandg Feat. Gary Wright - My My My Comin Apart Klaas Radio Mix
    Code: 115___gandg_feat._gary_wright___my_my_my_comin_apart_klaas_radio_mix.mp3

    De - Grees - I Believe Dany Wild Remix Edit
    Code: 205___de___grees___i_believe_dany_wild_remix_edit.mp3

    Bodybangers - A Far Lamore Comincia Tu Bigroom Radio Mix mp3
    Code: 211___bodybangers___a_far_lamore_comincia_tu_bigroom_radio_mix.mp3

    Yves Larock - Rise Up Vandalism Remix
    Code: 104___yves_larock___rise_up_vandalism_remix.mp3

    Eddie Thoneick - Whatcha Want Dj Antoine Vs Yoko Remix
    Code: 202___eddie_thoneick___whatcha_want_dj_antoine_vs_yoko_remix.mp3

    Alanis Morissette - Underneath (josh Harris Club Mix) Alanis_Morissette_-_Underneath__josh_Harris_Club_Mix_.rar

    Pink - So What (bimbo Jones Remix) Pink_-_So_What__bimbo_Jones_Remix_.rar

    Fedde Le Grand And Funkerman Feat. Dorothy And Andy Sherman - 3 Minutes To Explain (original Version) Fedde_Le_Grand_And_Funkerman_Feat._Dorothy_And_Andy_Sherman_-_3_Minutes_To_Explain__original_Version

    Kinderwater Feat. Nadja - Everytime You Need Me (sunloverz Remix) Kinderwater_Feat._Nadja_-_Everytime_You_Need_Me__sunloverz_Remix_.rar

    Milk Inc - Race (original Extended Mix) Milk_Inc_-_Race__original_Extended_Mix_.rar

    Yanou Ft. Mark Daviz - A Girl Like You (discotronic Remix) Yanou_Ft._Mark_Daviz_-_A_Girl_Like_You__discotronic_Remix_.rar

    Cyndi Lauper - Into The Nightlife (soulseekerz Vocal Mix) Cyndi_Lauper_-_Into_The_Nightlife__soulseekerz_Vocal_Mix_.rar

    Bodyrox And Luciana - What Planet You On (prok And Fitch Vocal) Bodyrox_And_Luciana_-_What_Planet_You_On__prok_And_Fitch_Vocal_.rar

    Les Adams Feat. Alexis - Twist In My Sobriety (extended Mix) Les_Adams_Feat._Alexis_-_Twist_In_My_Sobriety__extended_Mix_.rar

    Madonna Feat Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes (junkie Xl Mix) Madonna_Feat_Justin_Timberlake_-_4_Minutes__junkie_Xl_Mix_.rar

    Britney Spears - Womanizer (kaskade Mix) Britney_Spears_-_Womanizer__kaskade_Mix_.rar

    Crew 7 - Get The Party Started (club Mix) Crew_7_-_Get_The_Party_Started__club_Mix_.rar

    Kinky Roland And Kirsty Hawkshaw - Fine Day 08 (original 2008 Club Mix) Kinky_Roland_And_Kirsty_Hawkshaw_-_Fine_Day_08__original_2008_Club_Mix_.rar

    Ivory - Ghostbusters (brisby And Jingles Remix) Ivory_-_Ghostbusters__brisby_And_Jingles_Remix_.rar

    Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (norman And Attalla Remix Full) Katy_Perry_-_I_Kissed_A_Girl__norman_And_Attalla_Remix_Full_.rar

    Camille Jones - Difficult Guys (extended) Camille_Jones_-_Difficult_Guys__extended_.rar

    Rui Da Silva Feat. Ben Onono - On My Mind (original Mix) Rui_Da_Silva_Feat._Ben_Onono_-_On_My_Mind__original_Mix_.rar

    Eric Prydz Vs Blaze - Precious Pjano Eric_Prydz_Vs_Blaze_-_Precious_Pjano.rar

    T2 Feat Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken (wawa Club Mix) T2_Feat_Jodie_Aysha_-_Heartbroken__wawa_Club_Mix_.rar

    Gabriella Cilmi - Save The Lies (out Of Office Club Mix)
    Axwell And Bob Sinclair Feat Ron Carroll - What A Wonderful World (vocal Mix)
    Chicane Vs Natasha Bedingfield - Bruised Water (michael Woods Vocal Remix)
    Rihanna - Disturbia (jody Den Broeder Remix)
    The Potbelleez - Trouble Trouble (carl Kennedy Vocal Mix)
    Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (sinden Remix)
    Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (jason Nevins Mix)
    Metro Station - Shake It (lenny B Remix)

    Code: Gabriella_Cilmi_-_Save_The_Lies__out_Of_Office_Club_Mix_.rar Axwell_And_Bob_Sinclair_Feat_Ron_Carroll_-_What_A_Wonderful_World__vocal_Mix_.rar Chicane_Vs_Natasha_Bedingfield_-_Bruised_Water__michael_Woods_Vocal_Remix_.rar Rihanna_-_Disturbia__jody_Den_Broeder_Remix_.rar The_Potbelleez_-_Trouble_Trouble__carl_Kennedy_Vocal_Mix_.rar Sneaky_Sound_System_-_When_We_Were_Young__sinden_Remix_.rar Katy_Perry_-_Hot_N_Cold__jason_Nevins_Mix_.rar Metro_Station_-_Shake_It__lenny_B_Remix_.rar
    Santito feat Shena - Cant Take My Hands Off You (Original Mix)
    Code: Santito_feat_Shena_-_Cant_Take_My_Hands_Off_You__28Original_Mix_29.mp3

    Santito feat Shena - Cant Take My Hands Off You (Dennis Christopher Remix)
    Code: Santito_feat_Shena_-_Cant_Take_My_Hands_Off_You__28Dennis_Christopher_Remix_29.mp3

    Chris Lake feat Nastala - If You Knew (Feed Me Remix)
    Code: Chris_Lake_feat_Nastala_-_If_You_Knew__28Feed_Me_Remix_29.mp3

    Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better (Tom Neville Mix)
    Code: Christina_Aguilera_-_Keeps_Gettin_27_Better__28Tom_Neville_Mix_29.MP3

    Warren Clarke feat. Kathy Brown - Over You (Esquire Remix)
    Code: Warren_Clarke_feat._Kathy_Brown_-_Over_You__28Esquire_Remix_29.mp3

    Natural Born Grooves - Candy On The Dancefloor (Warren Clarke Remix)
    Code: natural_born_grooves_-_candy_on_the_dancefloor__28warren_clarke_remix_29.mp3

    Milk & Sugar feat. Roxanne Wilde - No No No (Raul Rincon Rootz Remix)
    Code: Milk__26_Sugar_feat._Roxanne_Wilde_-_No_No_No__28Raul_Rincon_Rootz_Remix_29.mp3

    Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock(Cahili Club Mix)
    Code: kevin_rudolf_ft._lil_wayne_-_let_it_rock_28cahili_club_mix_29.mp3

    JCA Pres. Solaphonics - Total Love (Raul Rincon Rootz Remix)
    Code: JCA_Pres._Solaphonics_-_Total_Love__28Raul_Rincon_Rootz_Remix_29.mp3

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