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    Windows Xp Gamer Edition X64 Real fast



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    Windows Xp Gamer Edition X64 Real fast

    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:25 am

    Windows Xp Gamer Edition X64

    I know that some of you prefer for extreme performance. Today I made a solution for all
    you gamers and performance enthusiasts! This revision of Windows XP Pro 64bit is MUCH
    FASTER and SAFER! It comes with numerous tweaks, fixes, patches and also it blocks
    several viruses and worms and we should not forget that 64bit OS is vulnerable against
    32bit viruses! With this Windows you are safe against 95%+ of viruses, worms, trojans,
    etc. Also, this Windows is BLAZING FAST! I got 15-20 fps MORE while gaming Crysis compared
    to orginal XP!

    Windows XP 64x

    Code: Gamers_64.part1.rar Gamers_64.part2.rar Gamers_64.part3.rar Gamers_64.part4.rar Gamers_64.part5.rar Gamers_64.part6.rar

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