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    All Softwares ( Big Collection 4 U. just see one time ) P2



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    All Softwares ( Big Collection 4 U. just see one time ) P2

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    Driver Updater Pro

    Driver Updater Pro is a professional driver management tool features both driver management and hardware diagnostics.
    Driver Updater Pro provides such practical function as driver update. If you often reinstall your operating system, you may not forget such painful experiences of searching all around for all kinds of drivers.
    If unfortunately you have lost your driver CD, the search will be more troublesome and time-consuming. Each computer user has more or less dealt with drivers while using computer. Most users are really tired of the tedious procedure of installing so many drivers manually for the system. In case you lost your drivers CD, you have to spend much time searching for the drivers online. If unfortunately even the driver for your modem was lost, you will be at your wits end. Perhaps you are a system administrator responsible for installing drivers for hundreds of computers in your company. If your have to install drivers on each computer manually one after another, it can't be a easy job.

    You may still be using some old machines. If you can't tell their actual hardware configuration, you may not be able to find out correct drivers. Old drivers may not work properly in new operating systems, so you want to solve the problem by updating to latest drivers.Now you are caught by another problem - you can't find where to download the latest ones. There is another problem, if you changed some hardware devices, drivers for the removed devices may still stay in your system and become garbage files.
    Garbage files can seriously influence the performance of the operating system.
    You may want to remove them, but don't know how. Above are problems we may meet concerning drivers.

    Now we will see how Driver Updater Pro can help you solve these problems like a piece of cake.
    Now you can download driver updates automatically and safely.
    This handy software utility will keep your system up to date by automatically getting the latest drivers from your hardware's manufacturer
    - No need to waste hours upon hours every week searching the Internet for the latest driver files.

    By having the most up to date device drivers on your system, your computer will run at optimal performance and be free of errors!

    Access to over 1.000.000 device drivers
    Highly intelligent engine that finds old drivers
    High scanning speed with detailed result
    Full support for Windows Vista and Windows XP
    Simple and User friendly interface
    Improve system performance and stability

    Operating system:
    Driver updater Pro is able to adapt to differing Windows versions and supports the following Windows releases:
    Windows XP 32-Bit, Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows Vista 32-Bit, Windows Vista 64-Bit.

    Code: Driver_Updater_Pro_2.2.8.0.rar
    Driver Genius Pro

    Drivers Backup: Driver Genius Professional can detect and quickly backup the installed drivers in system. It can compress the backup drivers to a zip file, self extracting file or a independent auto installer program.
    Drivers Restore: You need not install drivers one by one after reinstalling Operating System. Just one click to install all your backup drivers automatically. You can also install drivers in command mode silently. If you need install drivers on multiple PC with the same hardware configuration, That will save your much time to reinstall system.
    Drivers Update: Are you still using an old version or beta version drivers? Those faulty drivers always cause compatibility problem. They are the biggest hidden trouble cause system crash. A suitable drivers can upgrade 50% or even more performance of hardware. There are more than 30,000 device drivers information in Driver Genius Database including Motherboard, Sound card, Video card, Network card, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer, Digital device etc. All you need to do is one clicking mouse, Driver Genius can find out drivers that need updating. All drivers we offer are official version or WHQL version, you can use them without any worries.
    Drivers Uninstall: There could be some leftover drivers in your system because of changing hardware or updating drivers. Driver Genius can find out these useless drivers quickly and uninstall them.
    LiveUpdate: We will update large numbers of drivers on our website. You can synchronize database with our website to get the newest version drivers by Liveupdate program.

    Code: Driver_Genius2007.rar
    CD-Door Guard 2.5

    CD-Door Guard - The utility that helps you to prevent crash of CD-ROM (CD/DVD device).
    This is the utility that helps you to prevent crash of CD-ROM (CD/DVD device). It closes CD-ROM's door when you forget to do it and allows you to lock it if you want to protect the door from your small children. Also it allows you to open and close CD-ROM's door using mouse only and reminds you about the forgotten disk inside the device.

    Code: CD-Door.Guard.2.5.rar
    Alcohol 120 v.1.9.7

    Alcohol 120%, is a powerful Windows application that makes it easy to create backups of DVDs and CDs. In addition, the program lets you store your most used CDs as images on your computer, so you can call them up at the click of a button. With Alcohol 120%, you no longer have to worry about CDs or DVDs getting lost, stolen, or damaged. Duplicate discs work just like the originals, and your entire collection can be archived safely.

    Home users
    Make backup copies of their game CDs and movie DVDs, allowing the kids to treat multimedia disks roughly, without destroying their value.

    Librarians and school administrators
    Use Alcohol 120% burning software to archive their institutions' collections of recordable media, protecting themselves against the daily wear and tear that damages discs.

    Business users
    Use Alcohol 120% burning software to make duplicate backup copies of software titles, ensuring that they will continue to have access to their licensed software, even if their physical CDs become damaged and unusable.

    With Alcohol 120% burning software
    You no longer have to worry about CDs or DVDs getting lost, stolen, or damaged. Duplicate discs work just like the originals, and your entire collection can be archived safely.
    • Supports Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP
    • Can handle up to 31 virtual CD & DVD-ROM drives, all at once! So you can run several CD & DVD programs simultaneously.
    • Make perfect 1:1 back-ups of CDs, Alcohol 120% is really the ultimate DVD* / CD emulation and burning software.
    • Store your most used or important CDs as images on your computer and run them at 200x speed from up to 31 virtual CD or DVD drives!
    • Burn more than one CD or DVD at the same time, even from from different sources, using the latest multiple burners technology.
    • Highest drive compatibility - Alcohol is compatible with more than 99% of drives available and if it doesn't work with your drive we can improve it so let us know!
    • Bypass the latest "unbreakable" protections using Alcohol Software's state of the art burning and emulation process!
    • Supports the highest number of possible image file types including - MDS, CCD, BIN, CUE, ISO, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA & many more....

    Code: Alcohol120.v.1.9.7.rar
    Radmin Remote Administrator 3.2

    Remote Administrator is the fastest remote control software. You see
    the remote computer screen displayed either in a window or full
    screen on your computer monitor. All mouse and keyboard functions are
    transferred to the remote computer. You can work with the remote
    computer as if you are sitting in front of it. According to our tests
    and our users feedback Remote Administrator outperforms all other
    remote controls in the speed of work.

    System Requirements
    nothing special

    What's new
    Support for Windows Vista SP1; Support for Windows Server 2008; Faster speed and smooth performance; Left-hand mouse support; Support for 27 languages.

    Code: Radmin__Remote.Administrator__3.2.rar
    PowerDVD Deluxe v7.0


    • The No.1 Player for High-Definition Movies
    • Watch new high-def movies on HD DVDs or Blu-ray Discs
    • Experience exceptional audio quality with 7.1 home theater audio, and high-definition Dolby Digital Plus and DTS
    • Enjoy extreme image performance with optimization for the latest graphics cards
    • Access interactive movie content with support for BD-J and iHD
    • Play movies with a choice of advanced controls and smart DVD utilities

    PowerDVD 7 offers lots of useful enhancements. There are also a couple of annoyances which I'll explain further down. First and foremost though, PowerDVD 7 is still a pleasure to use and works almost flawlessly. The enhancements made to the user interface have primed it for use with the up and coming release of Windows Vista.

    Code: PowerDVD_Deluxe_v7.0.rar

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